Freelance Illustrator

Commission Fee

• Headshot: 30$• Headshot: 20$
• Bust: 40$• Bust: 30$
• Half body: 55$• Half body: 40$
• Full body: 75$• Full body: 55$

* Please Note:
• Complex details, accessories or weapons may incur an additional fee.
• All prices are per one character, an additional character will cost 80% of the original price.
• Maximum two characters per artwork.
• Background will cost additional 10-15$, no complicated backgrounds. A flat color, gradiants or simple pattern BG is for free.

Full Render Examples



•Half body

•Full body

Simple Render Examples

Terms of Service

  • Payment must be rendered prior to beginning a project, or at least 50%.

  • Accept payment through Ko-fi. Kindly don't send any payments before I accept your commission.

  • Changes are only allowed in the sketch stages. Any major changes after rendering will incur an additional fee.

  • All artworks are for personal use only. Commercial use will be double the fee.

  • Do not edit or delete my signature from the illustration.

  • I retain the right to display and promote the artwork on my social medias, with a big commission watermark of course.

  • The client cannot claim ownership of the project, edit, or profit from it.

  • Strictly no refunds, just if I cannot complete your project I will issue a refund.

  • No refund or cancellation once I start the project, let's respect eachother's time and effort.

  • If the payment takes some days to get received I will send the full illustration when I actually receive it.

  • If you can't DM me you can send me an e-mail first, including references and all details to ([email protected]) and mention your social media accounts we can communicate on. Or find me on discord: njii#3434

I Don't Do

  • NSFW

  • Any sort of nudity; revealing, super tight clothes, etc.

  • Furry

  • Mecha (simple ones are ok tho)

  • Gore